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Are you practicing safe science?

Clearly, we should have had this in the lab. Image courtesy of

Five weeks ago, I completely severed both tendons in my left pinky. I was just about to start working in the lab, training my PhD student on the initial processing of a peat column from our Falkland Islands trip in December. We had bought a large serrated kitchen knife specifically to slice through 1 […]

What is #scishirt?

Ada Lovelace was a very fashionable scientist, and I'm sure she'd have appreciated the geeky clothing of #scishirt week.

For those of you following along at home, there’s been a big kerfuffle on the internet about #ThatShirt (or #ShirtGate, #ShirtStorm). Lots of really smart folks have posted great commentary on the situation, and so I’m not going to do that here. What I will say, is that I understand […]


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